Keep Guard Day Nursery and Pre-School

Birth to Three

 Birth to Three - Under Two


We are passionate about maintaining a small baby's routine as much as possible and work closely with parents to facilitate this, communicating verbally and through using daily diaries to record your baby's day.


Our babies are cared for in this delightful room which offers each baby a cosy, warm and soothing environment to promote their physical development, fine motor skills, vision, language and hearing, social behavior, play intellectual development, feeding and toileting.


Every day the Early Years Practitioners plan activities which stimulate babies’ senses using textured materials and a wide variety of toys, water, sand play and music.


We have a milk kitchen where formula feeds can be prepared and stored in our designated refrigerator, using formula milk as requested by parents for children up to the age of one year. Breast milk can also be stored safely, ready to be offered when required. Hygiene and safety are of the utmost importance.

For the older babies who a weaning or on normal foods, we ensure they are securely sat in high chairs with harnesses and encourage them to try all foods on offer.  We are able to meet all dietary requirements.







 Birth to Three - Two Year Olds


Our older birth to three toddlers, have access to two spacious rooms which flow around from the baby room. The rooms encourage children to explore playdough, cooking, threading, puzzles, mark making, small world, sharing stories, singing, home corner, art and craft, water, sand, painting and physical development.


The toilets and nappy changing area are next to the playrooms enabling quick and easy access. We fully promote and encourage toilet training from when a child is showing an interest.  We kindly ask all children have a couple of changes of named clothes in a named bag, which can be stored on their coat pegs. 


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