Keep Guard Day Nursery and Pre-School


Dear Parents,


Like you, I am a parent and therefore understand the importance of supporting children to grow and develop into happy, healthy and successful individuals.

I have over 38 years experience working as a qualified Nursery Nurse and opened Keep Guard Day Nursery in 1996, gaining a BA in Nursery Management in 2008. Keep Guard, Keep Safe, Keep Playing states our commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children through a safe, stimulating and child-centred environment. Play is the major learning process, through which children extend and acquire new knowledge. From the moment of birth, children use play to make sense of the world, establishing through play a pattern for learning, which they will continually return to throughout their adult life when encountering the new and unfamiliar.

Through play children deepen their understanding, practice familiar skills and learn new ones. They develop attitudes that will help them to learn and that will encourage them to be competent members of the wider community and develop as an individual and as a whole person.


Keep Guard Day Nursery’s quality environment allows children to play, make choices from a variety of activities and experiment with different resources. Children are able to interact with others and adults, return to the same things, to rehearse skills and consolidate their learning also developing the skills to listen, talk and reflect.

The role of our Early Years Practitioners is to provide a safe, stimulating, play centred, learning environment that enriches a child’s development. Developing relationships that are warm and trusting to support children encouraging their confidence, independence, learning readiness for school and self esteem.


Keep Guard Day Nursery’s staff team look forward to welcoming you and your family.


Lynn Carmichael

Proprietor/Senior Setting Leader