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Fledglings - Free Mother and Baby Group (Term Time Only)

‘Calling all Mums with bumps and new Mums and Babies’

Come and join other new Mums and their babies on Friday mornings between 9:30am and 11:00am, to share a cup of tea or coffee in a cosy setting to celebrate your new baby.

There are also regular visits from the Family Support Worker from The Children's Centre.


Please ring Esther for more details on 

01234 327955.


Fledglings Reviews:

Laura says - 'This group was an absolute lifesaver in the early days of being a first time mum. Esther has created a calm and supportive environment for new mums, just what you need when it is all still new and a bit overwhelming. There are lots of soft play baby toys out and it is safe to leave babies on the floor playing without the worry of older children trampling them, as is the case with groups that have a wider age range. There is a cup of tea and a plate of fruit for every mum and a chance to chat and relax with others who knew what a luxury that can be:) It can be nerve wracking doing something new, but this group is very welcoming and supportive. You can breast feed comfortably or if bottle feeding Esther will heat for you if needed. I have made some great friends at this group and although my son is now nearly ready to move on, I am looking forward to returning when baby number two is on the cards. I couldn't recommend this group enough'. August 2012

Christie says - 'I can't recommend this group enough.

Where the group is specially for newborn babies-crawling, all of the babies are at a similar age and all of the mums are going through the same things!

It's really nice to have tea and a chat!

This is a small group which is really nice you don't have to worry about older kids running around near lil babies! The babies can safely sit and enjoy the toys! The group is run by Esther who is lovely and so welcoming! If you have a new baby I really recommend checking it out'.  June 2014

Jen says - 'Can't recommend Fledglings enough!

I've been taking my little one to the group since she was 8 weeks old and we both absolutely love it. It's such a welcoming friendly group of parents, and so great to have the chance to just sit down and chat about everything and anything! I love how the group is exclusively for babies who aren't moving, as it means we can all enjoy a cuppa knowing there aren't any toddlers on the move to knock into the babies. There's loads of different playmats, baby gyms & toys for them to play with, but mostly my little girl just loves to be around other babies; playing, watching and learning early social skills:)

Esther (group leader) is just lovely & so welcoming to everyone - even on our most tired or stressful days she's always there with a smile and there to listen'. July 2014