Keep Guard Day Nursery and Pre-School

Parents and Carers as Partners

We believe that in order for children to receive quality care and early learning that suits their individual needs, parents and staff need to work together in close partnership. The two-way sharing of information is key to this. The nursery team welcomes parents/carers as partners and this relationship needs to be built on mutual trust and understanding. It is important that we, as practitioners, are able to support parents/carers in an open and sensitive manner.


The nursery wishes to ensure parents/carers are an integral part of the care and early learning team within the nursery and we will always strive to be proactive in achieving as we believe this is fundamental to the ethos of Keep Guard Day Nursery.


Settling In Procedure


We believe settling your child into nursery is of vital importance. This is a time when the Early Years Practitioners who will be caring for your child can begin to build relationships to enable them to provide the very best care for your child. We recommend a minimum of two visits before the child starts, both lasting an hour. The first session you will be asked to stay with the child and complete a ’My World’ document, this is where the Key Person for your child collects vital information to enable your child to settle in quickly. The second visit is for your child to come and play and explore the nursery.

 Key Person

It is important that you and the Early Years Practitioners that are working with your child work together. You will need to feel comfortable about exchanging information and discussing things that that will benefit your child. When your child starts at Keep Guard Day Nursery they will be allocated a Key Person. This person will become your main point of contact within the setting, help your child to become settled, happy and safe and is responsible for your child’s care, development and learning.

The Key Person for your child will take careful notes of your child’s progress and regularly observe your child exploring different areas of learning. They will share this information with you through a starting point observation, half-termly updates and also through summative reports, offering you ideas to support your child’s learning at home. 

Ofsted said at our most recent inspection ‘Practitioners make good use of the key person system to support them in working with families. This means that they know the children well and helps to ensure that all children are secure and form strong relationships with practitioners’. 

Care and Education of Children with Special Educational Needs


The nursery is committed to the inclusion of all children. All children have the right to be cared for and educated to develop to their full potential alongside each other through positive experiences, to enable them to share opportunities and experiences and develop and learn from each other. We provide a positive and welcoming environment where children are supported according to their according to their individual needs. Our SENDCo is Jamie Carmichael – Teacher with a SEND Accreditation to a Masters Level. For more guidance please refer to our Policy for the Care and Education of Children with Special Educational Needs.



We are using an assessment tool called eyLog as we believe that using online learning journeys will allow both a rich body of evidence to support our partnership with parents and to help us plan for individual children’s development, and of course a wonderful keepsake for you to share with your child. The technology also supports a daily record, of food intake, nappy changes and toilet training as well as sleep times. By logging these as they occur, we can ensure that up-to-date information is always available to parents/carers. eyLog is be accessible through a eyLog Parent app once activated.  Invoices will also be sent via email and appear on the eyLog parent app.


eyLog Parent Observations


Many of your child’s important learning experiences occur away from nursery at home. For example, we will not have seen your child join in with family celebrations or build sandcastles on holiday at the seaside. A parental observation will give us important information about your child’s interests, experiences and developmental progress which we can use alongside our observations of your child to support their learning journey. When your child starts nursery, please send in some parental observations via the eyLog Parent app with anything you think is relevant as often as you would like to.  You are also able to upload photos and videos.  Your child will have the opportunity to share their parental observations with their Key Person and friends in nursery helping them reflect on their own successes, achievements and talents.

In the Moment Planning


‘In the Moment Planning’, is planning which is child-led and allows the children to be at the for-front in everything we do. If you enter the rooms very early in the morning you may notice very little is out on the table tops, the idea being this should be the child’s choice, which leads then to higher involvement in learning, developing them into curious and independent learners. The nursery is set out to allow children a wealth of learning experiences. The Early Years Practitioners take on the role to facilitate learning and help children explore and extend ideas as well as scaffold learning experiences.


To ensure children continue to progress in their learning experiences the Key Persons are going to work to an observation cycle. The Key Person, will have focus children each morning and afternoon and will gather a selection of  observations to support the learning of that child, this could result in you    getting a higher than normal number of observations on a particular day or week to others. If children received an observation tagged as a ‘WOW moment’, these are observations where a child has either completed a milestone or activity for the first time on their own in setting or completed a fantastic learning experience.