Keep Guard Day Nursery

 Meal Times

Keep Guard Day Nursery promotes good nutrition, oral hygiene and physical health in young children. Keep Guard Day Nursery main meals are provided from The Nursery Catering Company which operate on a 3 weekly rotational cycle, which are seasonal and have been developed with the assistance of    children’s nutritionists to specifically meet the requirements and tastes of young children, and are based on the guidelines from The Children’s Food Trust. This ensures the nutritional values and portion sizes are ideally suited to children under 5. As well as these menus they provide and cater for all the 14 recognized allergens. The meals are cooked in the companies’ kitchens using the fresh ingredients that can be traced back to the farms that they were produced on. They are then blast frozen straight out of the oven to –18 degrees within 4 hours ensuring that the food is preserved at the highest possible quality. The meals are the delivered to us on a weekly basis so all we have to do is store them in the freezer and re-heat in the oven as required. All temperatures and cooking times are advised.  We encourage the children to self serve and use meal times to  develop their  social skills. The cost of a meal is £2.30 per day.

Please see the menu below.

Children will also be offered a mid morning and mid-afternoon snack consisting of a  portion of fruit or vegetable sticks with water or milk. Children that stay for extended sessions will also be offered an evening snack of freshly made sandwiches. Dietary requirements and allergens will be catered for.   




Bedford Borough Council in conjunction with the Food Standards Agency awards a food hygiene rating. Since its introduction we have continually achieved a grade 5, which reflects the standards of hygiene found at inspection. The rating of grade 5 means very good and is the highest rating you can achieve.