Keep Guard Day Nursery and Pre-School

 Outdoor Play

Our traditional and spacious garden enables all babies and children both in the morning and afternoon to have freedom, go on adventures, experiment and take risks.The children will use this garden all year round and they will get dirty!


Our equipment and resources encourage the children to actively engage in their learning through the different areas. These areas are designed to consolidate and repeat children's learning by providing spontaneous opportunities. 

The garden is risk assessed daily to ensure the equipment and play areas are clean, safe and will be used in all types of weather!

Physical activities are also promoted using a variety of resources for development movement play.

 Garden Reviews:

'I like digging in the mud, building walls and making cement' commented one child.

Another child said 'I like pouring water on the boats so they move down the pipes'.

'Amazing space so lucky, I might stay and play' said a parent.

Another parent commented 'This is brilliant, such a large space and I like the fact that it is not all soft and safety conscious'.