Keep Guard Day Nursery and Pre-School

Preparing Your Child for Pre-School


How can I help? 


Give your child time to run, jump, climb and play outdoors.

Encourage your child in activities such as building, drawing, threading beads, or filling and emptying containers in the water - all of which develop manipulative skills.


You can help by encouraging your child to use the toilet independently, wash their hands, put on and fasten their coats.











Playing games which encourage sharing and turn taking will help your child to build their social skills.

Talk with your child about the places they go and things they see in the world around them.


Answering and asking questions - what if...? Why do you think....? How did you.....?

 Letting children join in with everyday activities - washing up, cooking, shopping, and helping in the garden.


If possible let them have access to ICT, CD players, mobile phones, computers and so on.

 Talk about the shapes you can see in the environment.

Compare things which are heavy and light or long and short.

Point out numbers when out and about.


Singing, counting songs and rhymes.

Counting, adding and subtracting anything and everything - socks, cars, shopping, cutlery, even fingers and toes!!












Reading books (stories, information books, newspapers, magazines, comics and so on), encouraging your child to join in and talk about books.


Singing songs and nursery rhymes.


Modelling correct letter formation and pencil grip.


Taking time to listen to them talking about things they've done and answering their questions.


Talk with your child about their imaginative play and join in if possible.


Encourage them to be flexible in their thinking and use of materials and praising them for their efforts or ideas as well as the end product.